The Rise of the Forgotten

Guild Contract #03

GRO-ing Pains

On the way back from The Rattling Wood, the group decided to stop by the town of Pilsgrove to deal with another contract they picked up at the Adventurer's Guild. The contract was opened by a goblin named Bertram on behalf of the GRO. The task was to depose a mayor that had recently hired adventurers to bully the goblins of Pilsgrove into sacrificing what they believed were their fundamental humanoid rights. 

When the group arrived in Pilsgrove they found Bertram leading his fellow goblins in a peaceful protest outside of the town hall. It was being watched by several locals who, while clearly displeased with the goblins' presence, showed no signs of interfering with the protest. The group met with Bertram, who told them that the many goblins that lived in the area were being denied the right to vote in local elections, and that as a result the current mayor had effectively stolen the last election. The group then decided to go talk to The Mayor.

Inside town hall the party was met with a desk attendant that seemed unsurprised to see them. They, it seemed, were not the first adventurers to come to town hall that day. They were quickly ushered into the Mayor's office, only to find that he was already meeting a group of adventurers known as The Rabble. Tensions quickly rose, with Scratch taking an aggressive stance against the Mayor's speciest policies and the Mayor being predictably outraged and defensive. Eddie, the leader of the Rabble, played the role of mediator (albeit flavored with his own "smarmy" brand of diplomacy) and sought to ease tensions.

But when Eddie finally convinced the mayor to give the two adventuring groups time to work things out "all professional-like" it became clear that he wasn't interested in compromise. Indeed, Eddie's brand of "compromise" involved The Rabble doing what they were hired to do while the party tottered back to Selheim empty handed. When the group asked for a few minutes to discuss how to handle this amongst themselves, Eddie happily obliged. But unbeknownst to the party, he actually led The Rabble back outside to deal with the goblins while the party debated.

And so when the party finally stepped back outside they found chaos. The Rabble had subdued most of the goblins, and Eddie was busy beating Bertram into a bloody pulp. They had even riled up the townsfolk into participating in the brawl. The group tried to intervene, but were unable to cope with The Reverend's magic and Permelia's tenacious assault. Ultimately, Ander was able to convince the Rabble to stop once all the Goblins had been beaten, and the groups parted way without further conflict.

In the aftermath The Mayor, without The Rabble to back him up, foolishly antagonized the party. Scratch did not take kindly to this, and intimidated The Mayor into agreeing to step down. He even went so far as to stay in town to "supervise" in order to ensure compliance.

Afterwards the group returned to the Adventurer's Guild. There they got some answers as to why there were conflicting contracts (apparently they had not been deemed "mutually exclusive") and if behavior like The Rabble showed was common (it is not, typically adventuring groups resolve disagreements more peacefully and there is a system through which aggrieved parties can lodge formal complaints). However the party decided not to pursue any administrative action against the Rabble, and instead decided to donate their fee back to the GRO in hopes of offering them some solace in the wake of The Rabble's actions.



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