The Rise of the Forgotten

Guild Contract #01

The Ocean Under the Lighthouse

On their first contract as an adventuring troupe, the party traveled just outside of Selheim to an old lighthouse. The keeper had posted the contract after a swarm of monstrous insects (later identified as stirges) had spilled out of the lighthouse's basement, claiming the life of his assistant.

Upon their arrival, the group tracked the stirges origin to a sea cave underneath the light house. Continued renovations on the lighthouse, coupled with the continuous erosion of the cliff-side, had opened a fissure under the lighthouse and allowed the stirges to get in. They cleared the seacave of the stirge's brood lair with little issue.

However they also discovered an old shrine buried under the ground. It had clearly once been a part of the lighthouse complex, but was buried and lost long ago. Inside they found (and fought) a sea hag. More interestingly, they found a great mural depicting two warring deities: Valkur and Umberlee.



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